Petronics Energy Company Limited is an oil & gas engineering company that specializes in providing facilities Maintenance, Engineering, Fabrication, Equipment Procurement, Manpower and Environmental Services & Supplier of oil-spill clean-up/soil remediation products.  We are involved in projects that cover Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation services while also supplying engineering equipment packages needed for installation and integration into engineering facilities; and for cases of oil spill both on land/water and farmland devastations due to oil spill effects, we provide total solution from supply of oil spill clean-up product to spill clean-up operations and eventual restoration of the affected environment back to the original form.
Our client base comes from the Oil & Gas, Refining/Petrochemical and Downstream, Power and other related sectors. 
Because of the diversified areas of our services, we structured our operations into four categories operating as business units:

The Engineering, Maintenance/Upgrade and After-sales Service Unit: Specializes in engineering and maintenance of both Custom and Generic Packages related to Mechanical, Process, Electrical, and Instrumentation Fields as well as Specialized Fabrication and maintenance of brown-field engineering assets both onshore and offshore. We work in alliance with product manufacturers to render after-sales service supports for process equipment packages, pumps, compressors, turbines, chemical injection package, valves, emergency generators, wash water systems and others.
The Equipment & Material Procurement Unit:  We offer equipment and material procurements including valves, fittings, flanges, gaskets, pumps, compressors, turbines, generators, chemical injection packages, Industrial Equipment, Machinery Parts and Spares and other engineering equipment. We derive immense support from our product manufacturers/suppliers and through our fast-track equipment procurement processes, we deliver within supply schedules. We maintain business relationships with Avsco Houston(international equipment buying house) as well as Nigerian sub-distributor agreement with Original Equipment Manufacturers' sole representative for PIBIVIESSE SrL, Italy - Cryogenic, Rotary Control, Rotary On-Off Valves and Valves Actuators(subsea valves); Mangiarotti Spa, Italy - Heat Exchangers, HP Vessels, Drums, Coke Drums, Urea/Ammonia Equipment, Columns/Towers, Separators, and Reactors; Reotemp Instrumentation USA- Temperature and Pressure Instrumentation(Gauges);  Brook Crompton, Tamel (Poland) - Electric Motors and Electrical Equipment; Rezi Sanitair, Netherland - Offshore Toiletry Equipment and Alco Valves UK - Cryogenic and Control Valves.
SPHAG SORB(is versatile) can effectively be used to clean-up organic spills on office floors, workshop/warehouse floors, decks/platforms floors, spills around factories, generator/plant spills, shipyards spills, organic liquid waste sites, oil terminals, refineries, etc. Sphag Sorb cleans times four of its volume for general applications. Liquid spills include: Crude oil, Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, Engine Oil, Gear Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Transmission Oil, Organic Chemicals, Paints, Solvents, Glycol, Antifreeze, Cooking Oil and Grease spills etc thereby making it the most versatile and cost savings environmental product in the industry. Click here for the Video Demonstration of the Product
Manpower Supply Unit: Petronics Energy has a wide range of skilled personnel that can be deployed to work or manage/supervise oil/gas projects ranging from feasibility studies, planning, design, engineering, procurement, installation, commissioning, drilling, production etc.
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The Environmental Service and Oil spill Clean-up Product Supply Unit: Provides environmental service support during oil spill clean-up operation as well as Nigerian sole distributor of Sphag Sorb, an oil spill clean-up and soil remediation product manufactured by Earth Care Products, Canada. 
Sphag Sorb is naturally suitable for total oil spill clean-up and restoration/remediation of land, water and swamp environments highly devastated by oil pollution with no negative impact on the environment.

This biodegradable and super absorbent  Sphag Sorb has been used successfully in most part of the world by upstream, downstream, Manufacturing companies and Government Agencies for the past 18 years for major oil spill response/remediation operations on lands, water and swamp environments due to its natural ability to absorb and contain organic liquids without leaching to the environment while in use or disposal to environment as well as its ability to restore the entire affected areas back to its natural form with just a simple method of application. On highly devastated farmlands or forests by oil pollution, bushes grow back after few months of application of product and on water, aquatic lives are restored back.

Sphag Sorb Range of Products (for oil spill clean-up for land, water and swamp areas).